Remote Support

At Pc Rescues of Grays, Essex, we offer Online Remote Computer Support services to to view, configure, demonstrate and repair computers and some software products. Our Online PC Support allows us to offer our customers a complete service package – from in-store to in-home computer support. PC Rescues of Grays, Essex specializes in solving issues that effect your computer’s overall performance by performing this service remotely, securely, and in real time. Our service is quick and effective and our rates are affordable.

Remote PC Support – How do we do it?

We use the most advanced remote support technology in the industry to connect to customer’s desktop or laptop to work and resolve their computer issue or perform computer training, including software training and how to use some applications and all that while you watch.

How does Remote Computer service benefits me?

At least, we see 3 reason where our remote computer support service will benefit you and they are as follow:

  • No need to disconnect your computer and bring it to us to work on the issue
  • No waiting for your computer problem to be fixed
  • No need to drive to us for repair

 High speed internet is required for our Remote PC Repair service